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Our giving at Calvary is shaped by three foundational convictions:

  1. Jesus is generous, and we want to be like Him (2 Corinthians 8:1-9).
  2. The kingdom of Jesus is more important than our earthly comforts (Matthew 6:21-33).
  3. God uses our gifts to advance the message of King Jesus (Philippians 4:14-20).

If you would like to support the ministry of Calvary, you can give during our Sunday worship or online.

Give online

Online giving is through a secure online form as a one-time donation or on a recurring basis. Online giving is provided for your convenience and as a way to facilitate faithful stewardship of the financial resources God has blessed you with.

When contributing online, please consider the following:

Making an electronic check contribution (EFT) is much less expensive for the church than using a debit/credit card. We do not endorse going into debt to give to the church, so we ask that credit cards be used responsibly.