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God created you to be in community with other people. The way this works out practically is through church membership. Just as the early Christians did, each Christian today should commit to life together with other Christians in the church.

Church membership is a formal statement of belonging. When you join the church, you say, "These are my brothers and sisters. My life and love belongs to them and theirs to me. I'm committed to living, working, serving and playing with them."

Taking the step of church membership brings you accountability and protection. It provides context for your service to Christ and multiplies the impact of your life. Joining the church is vital for your spiritual growth and development.

The church is the most broken and beautiful, despised and beloved institution in the world. Kingdoms will fall. Nations will crumble. Families will die out, but the church of Jesus Christ will last forever. Isn't it time for you to be a part?

Membership Class

Attend the membership class to learn more about us and how you fit in. Contact the church office for information on when our next Membership Class is (309-452-4479).