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Care Ministry

About The Care Ministry

This ministry is for those in our community who are needing financial assistance. Our vision for this ministry is to walk with those families in need, to help financially, to offer advice and spiritual guidance.

Steps To Take

1.  Contact Us

Please fill out the Care Ministry Application or  contact the church using our online contact form, select “Financial Assistance” in the drop down menu

2.  Meet With A Financial Coach

Once you have submitted the application, an appointment with one of our financial coaches will be scheduled for you. They will take a look at your situation and offer advice and encouragement.

3.  Meet With A Pastor

After you have met with a financial coach, an appointment will be scheduled for you to meet with one of the pastors of Calvary Baptist Church. In this meeting, they will offer spiritual encouragement for you during this season in your life.

*Only after these meetings will financial help be given.

Care ministry faq's

Does it cost any money to meet with one of your financial coaches?

No, the meeting with one of our financial coaches is free.

Will the financial coach try to sell me any products?

No, while the financial coach may make general suggestions, such as how to create a working budget, or what debts you should pay off first, they cannot recommend any particular products. If you feel pressured to buy any product during your meeting with a financial coach, please call the church at (309) 452-4479.

Is my meeting with the financial coach kept confidential?

Yes, everything you discuss with your financial coach is kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of your meeting.

How much money does the church provide?

The amount of money given varies. It is determined on a case by case basis and upon the need. Each case is discussed among the Care Ministry team and a decision is made as to the amount given.

Will the church write a check to me directly?

No, the church will not write a check to any individual directly, but instead will be written directly to the creditor or to whom the bill is due.


Budget Worksheet

The budget worksheet is a simple spreadsheet to help you assess your financial situation.

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